Not just a one trick pony...

You do anything long enough, you realise theres other things that pair very well with whatever you offer. Coffee and a donut, beer and a burger, wine and cheese . . . (I shouldn't write while hungry . . .)

For us, we pair window and pressure cleaning to take care of all your window AND exterior cleaning problems. Any time any outdoor cleaning is done, its almost a guarantee that the windows will get dirty (especially if they were just cleaned). Some pressure cleaners offer basic exterior only window cleaning services, but we feel you're really only getting half a job done.

Why deal with the stress of organising multiple different companies plus de-conflicting schedules, when we can take care of it all for you. One call, one company, one bill, zero stress.

Window Cleaning

Our core service. This is what we're best at. If you have dirty windows we have your solution to getting them cleaned. We are masters not only with traditional squeegees but also the latest in pure water technology.

While gleaming glass is guaranteed, we also clean your tracks and screens in our services because a) they're usually dirty and b) most people hate doing it.

High Window Cleaning

As above, only higher. Architects are a window cleaners worst enemy (followed closely by painters . . .), and as such we have to figure out how to actually clean and maintain their hair brain ideas. As the Gold Coast is running out of land, more and more places are going up to compensate.

We invested in safety and efficiency. Our 100% high modulus carbon fibre poles, plus de-ionisation water filtering systems allow us to produce completely 100% pure water and deliver it at height.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means that we can scrub, rinse and clean your windows at up to 6 stories heigh and leave them absolutely spot free and sparkling all from the safety of the ground in a fraction of the time. No lift cost, no abseilers, no noise and no interuptions.

Builders/Construction Window Cleaning

Do we do builders cleans?

Yes . . . but reluctantly. Cleaning windows after construction is probably the worst job we do. Why? Because we are expected to fix up everyone else's mistakes with the liability of damaging the windows . . . Paint removal, render removal, concrete removal adhesive that been left in the sun for 6 months the list is almost endless in possibilities for what we have to deal with. Add to that, imported and certain brands/types of glass are very prone to scratching if the wrong methods are used (and sometimes even the right methods on poor quality glass).

With all that said, why do we still do this service? Because we have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars of glass destroyed over the past decade due to cleaners doing the wrong things due to lack of experience.

High Pressure Cleaning

What does a window cleaner know about pressure cleaning? Quite a lot it turns out. Pressure cleaning is an amazing complimentary service to window cleaning. Although there is some knowledge and skill involved, it's a much more equipment oriented business than window cleaning.

We are not a "Karcher Kowboy" who picked up a machine from Bunnings and called it a day. We have invested a small fortune into having the best possible equipment to allow us to give you the best possible results in the most efficient way possible (I actually did the math on what has been outlaid and my wife would kill me if she knew that number).

Soft Washing

If you haven't heard about softwashing, you're not alone. Many surfaces are too delicate to hit with high pressure, so often they are left to decay. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to repaint your house every couple of years if its properly cleaned. By using a combination of chemicals and soaps (usually a Sodium Hypochlorite and soap solution) at the right ratios, algae, mould and other organic growths can be killed at the source and like magic, melt away. After a rinse at low pressures (not much more than your household tap can produce) your painted and delicate surfaces can be returned to a like new condition.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Really, solar panels need cleaning?

100% YES they do! Your solar needs regular cleaning to maintain efficiency. Everything blocking the sun from getting to your panels will lower the energy produced. It gets worse though, as due to the way most systems are wired, if there is one panel dirty and the rest clean, they will only work as well as the weakest panel.

Doesn't the rain clean them? If that was the case, your car would also be cleaned in the rain. The best way to clean solar panels is with purified water and a soft bristled brush. This means no chemicals to damage the panels and flow into your gutters. In a pinch and in some circumstances, traditional window cleaning methods can be employed, but care needs to be taken with soap residues on the panels and the roof.


How often should I have my windows cleaned?

Thats definitely a how long is a piece of string question. It depends on many factors such as weather, environment, budget, and how much you like clean windows. Ideally, you should look at having them done every 6-12 months to keep you home looking fresh. Once we've done the professional level clean, its much easier to stay on top of it with minor maintenance cleaning. For our clients closer to the beach, we recommend at least a quarterly cleaning schedule to keep the salt deposits down. With our absolute beachfront units and homes, most owners opt for a monthly maintenance service.

What chemicals do you use to get such a jaw dropping result?

We have a contract with a super secret chemical manufacturer to custom make us a proprietary formula using ingredients including unicorn urine, whale vomit, pigs blood and the essence of puppy slobber . . .

Not really, all we use is plain old dish soap from the big retailers. The favourite is currently EarthChoice in various flavours because it glides smother. We use dish soap because it is the safest on skin and surfaces, breaks down easily and is a surprisingly aggressive degreaser on finger prints and dog slobber.

What happens if it rains during/after my window cleaning booking?

Your windows get wet. . .

9/10 times a little rain will do nothing to your windows. Rain water is incredibly pure and if it gets on a already clean surface, it will evaporate off spot free. Summer storms can cause a few issues, but unless its really hard driving rain picking up dirt and dust, the large overhangs on australian houses tend to protect the windows enough.

We will proceed as planned if weather is predicted. I trust BOM as much as I trust Politicians these days. If a storm is serious enough, we will reschedule on the day at no cost, however if you call and cancel within 24hrs of your service, you will be subject to minimum service charges.

Whats your cancelation policy?

Cancelation within 24 hours of service date will be subject to minimum service charge being applied at business owners discretion. We turn away countless clients due to a full schedule, if you cancel your appointment at late notice not only is it lost revenue, it's keeping us from helping others who are in need of our services.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Credit Card via Stripe, and Bank Deposits.