Messy Subcontractors?

We can help!

Using an inexperienced window cleaner be a costly mistake!

Post Construction/Builders window cleans are the most difficult type of window cleaning and should only be done by trained experts.

Removing paint, render, silicone, concrete, even stickers from glass in the wrong way can scratch glass. Even just using the right tool in the wrong way can damage glass so much that the cheapest option for remedy is complete replacement. Hiring a professional window cleaner is the safest way to ensure your windows come out at the end of a project in the best condition possible.

You will pay around 30% more for Window Cleaner vs a General Cleaner.

It makes sense to stick to what you know, and we know window cleaning! Your general cleaners have enough on their plate before the having to do the windows as well. They're most probably ill equiped and trained in how to get it done quickly too. Zen Window Cleaning can get the job done faster and to a higher quality standard they they could ever dream off and with a much lower risk of coming out on the other side with damaged windows.

We can also help with your Post Construction pressure and exterior cleaning needs too.

Gold Coast post construction window cleaning service

What does Post Construction Window Cleaning Cost?

The of your clean depends solely on how good your other trades are. If your sub-contractors are clean, then your price will be lower. If your sub-contractors are lazy, then your price will be higher. Paint and plaster is reletively easy for us to remove from you windows. Render, concrete and other mineral staining is much more dificult and takes much more time to remove without damage to the glass.


In general our post construction cleaning service is a full service window clean that covers everything glass and metal surrounding the window. It includes the removal of any construction debris from the glass and frames.

  • Glass Cleaned Inside + Out
  • Tracks Vacuumed + Wiped
  • Screens washed
  • Frames Wiped
  • Windows Razored to remove construction contaminants
  • Installation stickers removed
  • Glass hand polished when required

Builders Window Cleaning from $499

*Expect 2-3x cost of a Maintenance Window Clean


When to get window cleaners in?

Your window cleaners should be the last trade through. If you have a multi-story property and have scaffolding in place, then we should be sheduled in for the day before to make sure windows are cleaned, failure to do so may cost more as our time requirements to the access high windows gets pushed out, pushing your costs out.

"Rhys did an amazing job! Professional friendly gentleman went above and beyond to fit my clean in. Nothing was too much. Highly recommended Rhys 10/10 best cleaner on the GC"

- Serena C.

"Rhys & his team are professional & courteous and do a wonderful job. Our windows, pool fence & glass balustrade couldn't be cleaner"

- Kerri H.


The job isn't done until you're seeing the promised results. We believe so deeply in the quality of our work that if you're not happy with the results, you don't pay.