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Don't chance an amateur with your most expensive possession (talking about your property, not your wife, children or dog). Your home deserves to be taken care of by a true professional with over a decade of experience and the knowledge and equipment to get your job done efficiently and to the highest standard

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Traditional Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning the old school way. Gettiing truly remarkable results in an efficient manner is where the art of window cleaning is. This is the go to standard for all interior and most exterior windows.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

The latest advances in technology now allow those high, hard to reach window to be cleaned safely from the ground using a combination of ultra purified water, carbon fiber extension poles and high tech brushes. It's not the tool for every job, but its worth its weight in gold when required.

Gold Coast Window Cleaning

Hot High Pressure Cleaning

By combining hot water with high pressure at high volumes, an insanely effective clean can be achieved in very little time. We have the latest knowledge and best equipment available to deliver the ultimate in cleaning services to your property.

Low Pressure Cleaning

Sometimes brute force isn't the answer in the cleaning industry. Thats where soft washing comes in. By using the right chemicals in the right ratios on the right surfaces, we can let science do the work instead of high pressure to ensure you're more delicate surfaces can be cleaned effectively without damage.

Gold Coast Window Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning your solar system is vital to maximising your return on investment as well as upholding your maintenance requirements for your warranty.

Meet the Owner


The good looking rooster depicted above its the man behind the madness. Possibly the greatest squeegee slinger and water squirter on the Gold Coast, if not the world. With over a decade of experience cleaning windows both in Australia and Overseas, its safe to say, he knows a thing or 2 about getting your property shining. When he's not running the Zen madhouse, he's doing the dad duties to the chaos of having twin boys or racing entirely suspect vehicles around race tracks Australia wide with the POORAGAIN Racing team.


Our Client Reviews

We highly recommend Zen Window Cleaning. Their services are used by several apartment owners in our complex & we are all very happy. The work is extremely thorough - Rhys has excellent attention to detail. Our home seems to "shine" once he's done!!

Mandy M, Palm Beach

What a fabulous service! We found this company on a local facebook group and we after our recent window clean, which was amazing, we will be using them again. Great service, great value and very professional.

Nonie W, Yatala


How often should I have my windows cleaned?

Thats definitely a how long is a piece of string question. It depends on many factors such as weather, environment, budget, and how much you like clean windows. Ideally, you should look at having them done every 6-12 months to keep you home looking fresh. Once we've done the professional level clean, its much easier to stay on top of it with minor maintenance cleaning. For our clients closer to the beach, we recommend at least a quarterly cleaning schedule to keep the salt deposits down. With our absolute beachfront units and homes, most owners opt for a monthly maintenance service.

What chemicals do you use to get such a jaw dropping result?

We have a contract with a super secret chemical manufacturer to custom make us a proprietary formula using ingredients including unicorn urine, whale vomit, pigs blood and the essence of puppy slobber . . .

Not really, all we use is plain old dish soap from the big retailers. The favourite is currently EarthChoice in various flavours because it glides smother. We use dish soap because it is the safest on skin and surfaces, breaks down easily and is a surprisingly aggressive degreaser on finger prints and dog slobber.

What happens if it rains during/after my window cleaning booking?

Your windows get wet. . .

9/10 times a little rain will do nothing to your windows. Rain water is incredibly pure and if it gets on a already clean surface, it will evaporate off spot free. Summer storms can cause a few issues, but unless its really hard driving rain picking up dirt and dust, the large overhangs on australian houses tend to protect the windows enough.

We will proceed as planned if weather is predicted. I trust BOM as much as I trust Politicians these days. If a storm is serious enough, we will reschedule on the day at no cost, however if you call and cancel within 24hrs of your service, you will be subject to minimum service charges.

Whats your cancelation policy?

Cancelation within 24 hours of service date will be subject to minimum service charge being applied at business owners discretion. We turn away countless clients due to a full schedule, if you cancel your appointment at late notice not only is it lost revenue, it's keeping us from helping others who are in need of our services.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Credit Card via Stripe, and Bank Deposits.

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